15+ Beautiful Hanging basket Ideas | Indoor & Outdoor

A Hanging basket is able to make your flowering garden is accessible for all those that don’t have sufficient surface to display the pot. The hanging basket attracts these flowering plants to the eye level where they can be smelled, touched and examined as well.

Whenever you think to plant up your hanging baskets and all balcony, then you are able to Use the best hanging plants below to fill up your basket. These ideas assist you to decide on the best plants that keep blooming up during the summer to fall season as well.

If you don’t buy the plants for your hanging basket for several years, you may be amazed by just what’s available.

1. The Spider Plant

2. Asparagus Fern

3. Pothos

4. Boston Fern

5. Heart Leaf Philodendron

6. Silver Falls

7. String of Pearls

8. String of Bananas

9. Xerographica Plant

10. Orchid

12. Petunia

13. Geranium

14. Fuchsia

15. Black Eyed Susan