Top 3 Cheap Ideas for Homemade Greenhouse

For a dedicated gardener, the homemade greenhouse is as much of a necessity as his or her own home. They can not put their plant babies under the heat of the blazing sun or leave them unattended in the bitter cold. For that very reason, having a greenhouse out in the yard is a must.

Homemade Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a structure having transparent walls and roof in which various plants can be grown all-round the year. It traps some degree of heat and maintains a higher temperature as compared to the external temperature. Commercially, glass and other expensive construction material are used to build greenhouses.

Top 3 Cheap Ideas for Homemade Greenhouse

However, that does not keep a passionate gardener to bring this brilliant idea into the premises of his own home. There are several cheap and easy to build DIY greenhouse design ideas available nowadays. If you too are obsessed with taking the best care of your little green darlings, then here are the top 3 cheap ideas for homemade greenhouse.

1. Recycled CD Case Greenhouse

Top 3 Cheap Ideas for Homemade Greenhouse

Amongst the many homemade greenhouse ideas available online, this particular idea is the most inexpensive one. All that you need to construct this cheap homemade greenhouse are 40 old transparent CD covers. There is no standard size, but try to use uniformly sized CD  covers. 

To begin with the project, first, clean all of the CD covers, lay the cases out and decide whether you would like to keep the hinges on the left side or right side. Once you’ve decided that, apply plastic glue to the edges of two cases and join them together. Keep them pressed tightly for a good 5 minutes, and then repeat the process with the rest. 

The two end walls will require 4 cases each, while the two side walls will require 6 cases each. Glue every wall together and let the structure dry overnight. Next, create the roof. Since this is a trigonal structure, you may need to cut corner pieces to join the CD covers. After finishing the roof with folding panels, you can place your plants in this lightweight, super-cheap homemade greenhouse.

2. Storm Window greenhouse

Do you want to craft something constructive from the wood greenhouse plans? Perhaps, a sturdy yet beautiful greenhouse, which does not consume much space. If yes, then this storm window greenhouse is an ideal choice! 

To construct, all you need is an old storm window, few nails, and a good hammer. You can either utilize an old storm window laying in the backyard or buy one at a second-hand store for nominal prices. However, there is no particular restriction, and you can even use a new one too. This project will best cater to the needs of small plants, but with little alterations, you can modify it to store large plants too. Happy Planting!

3. PVC Greenhouse 

Although the greenhouse design ideas are versatile, one might be confused when selecting a cheap yet effective idea. Well, don’t worry at all because the PVC greenhouse is your ultimate solution! It is categorized in DIY greenhouse PVC projects because you have to construct it using PVC pipes. The greenhouse is compatible for all plant sizes, hence increasing its usability. Apart from time and cost-effective, this particular project requires minimal effort!

Nothing can stop you now, from building a homemade greenhouse. These easy and cheap to build greenhouse projects will not only rekindle your gardening spirit but will also bring a sense of joy and delight as you’ll see, your plants safe and secure in rough weathers.