How To Build a Light Greenhouse

Unlike the traditional expensive and heavy greenhouses, a light greenhouse is easy to fit in an average backyard and also super-easy to maintain. However, lightweight greenhouses are not usually available in the market. Therefore, it is essential to know how to build a light greenhouse on your own.

But even before that, you should first consider the local ordinances. Greenhouses, whether big or small, light or heavy, are considered as outbuildings. For that reason, you will need to apply for building permit. Once it is approved, you can build a light greenhouse. Leave the ‘how-to’ part on us, because we have got the best step by step guide to building a light greenhouse effortlessly. 

How To Build a Light Greenhouse

Step 1: Choose the right place  

First and foremost, select the portion of land which seems most appropriate for building a greenhouse. Choosing the right spot is necessary to ensure that the greenhouse serves its purpose, fully.

 Generally, an east-facing orientation of a greenhouse works well for most climates. It ensures an optimal amount of sunlight for your plants. Since you are building a light greenhouse, it would be easy to disassemble or move from one place to another. So even if you have chosen a spot which receives ample sunlight in summers only, you can change its position in winter.

Step 2: Choose the Greenhouse Style / Frame 

Next, choose a suitable frame, preferably one that matches your own house. It will bring uniformity and elegance to the overall look of your area. For example, if you own symmetrically built dark greenhouse, you can go for Geodome or cubically built greenhouses and perhaps, use any of the dark green exterior house color ideas.

Whether you want to create an exceptional greenhouse frame or decorate your greenhouses painted green with white trim, there are versatile ideas available! So, don’t worry and try out the following ideas or add in your creativity to craft an entirely new greenhouse.

Concisely, these are the frames you can opt for:

  •     Barn Shaped Frame
  •     Quonset Frame 
  •     Gothic Arch Frame 
  •     A-Frame 
  •   Gable Roof

Step 3: Doors and Windows

Every greenhouse needs an entrance. Even if you’re making a mini, portable, lightweight greenhouse, you will need a gateway that’s long and wide enough to allow your plants to pass through.

One of the most convenient door style for greenhouses is a sliding barn door. Its easier to open and close, and you won’t even have to clean snow out of the way in winter.

Step 4: Covering 

Last, you need a proper plastic cover to cover the greenhouse. It maintains the right amount of heat and humidity and also determines the varieties of flowers grown throughout the year.

Remember, greenhouse plastic is different from regular plastic. You can not cover your greenhouse with green colored plastic to match your sage greenhouse. It is important to use high-quality, durable transparent plastic to cover the greenhouse. Therefore, you can implement all your exterior green house colors innovation-ideas on the wooden frame only.

There are different types of greenhouse plastic varieties available, including:

  •   Polyethylene Plastic
  •   Polycarbonate Plastic 
  •   Copolymer plastic
  •   Polyvinyl plastic

After finalizing the covering material, you can easily assemble your light greenhouse. Once completed, you can place all your pots and plants in it and pursue your dream of becoming the best gardener of all times!