Ketogenic Diet: Do’s & Don’ts

Keto diet Weight loss is proven to be one of the best and trendy diet these days. And If you follow it correctly, you can easily lose your stubborn fat. If you go for 1200 calories keto meal plan and follow the don’ts, no one can stop you to get rid of those extra pounds. Now the question is what are the Do’s And Don’ts of a keto diet. Well, if you are beginner, and looking for a keto diet plan for beginners, you are in the right place.

Don’ts for Keto Diet:

As you all know, the keto diet is a zero carb and high-fat diet, following are few things which you need to avoid to get effective results.

1.Keto Diet foods

Food plays the most important role in a keto diet. Because with the right food, you can get your body into ketosis and lose fat. Below I am going to mention a few food items you should include in your keto diet menu for beginners if you really want to get results.

  • Starchy Vegetables
  • Low-Fat Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Fruits because they are high in sugar and carbs
  • Processed and packaged food
  • Rice and bread
  • Nuts that are higher in carbs
  • Sodas and juices
  • Sweets and Milk chocolates
  • Pasta

2.No Proper Meal Plan

Planning your meal is very important in a keto diet especially. Because if you don’t plan your meals, you end up eating anything that is easily available but unhealthy. Prepare a proper meal plan according to the ketogenic die keto ingredients, including the required amount of protein and a high amount of healthy fats in or diet.

3.Rushing to lose fat fast

And third and the last thing you need to avoid is to rush for quick results. Because you will end up being stressed and disappointed. Be patient and wait for the things to work out.

Do’s for Keto Diet:

Now we will talk about what are the things you need to follow religiously to work your keto diet and lose fat.

  • Prepare a proper diet plan with right food items
  • Include High-fat dairy in your diet.
  • Eat low-carb vegetables.
  • Substitute almond or coconut flour with your regular flour
  • Use sugar substitutes like stevia for sugar cravings
  • Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration so that you can lower the risk of constipation as constipation can ruin your keto diet.
  • Chose keto diet snacks wisely
  • Choose the low-carb nuts but avoid consuming them in snacking
  • Include saturated and Plant-based fats in your diet
  • Include meat and fish in your diet with moderation.
  • Add sea-salt in your diet to get proper minerals.
  • Include eggs in your diet.
  • Get enough sleep so that your body gets enough time to function well.
  • Include berries in your diet as they are lower in sugar and higher in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They help to provide your body with a good amount of minerals and vitamins.
  • Include Vitamins and minerals supplements in your diet to avoid deficiencies.

Above things will really help you to get rid of excess fat from your body if you follow everything very carefully.


These keto diet weight loss tips will help you to get your desired results for sure. If you are beginner, you don’t need to be panic. Keto diet is crazy but if you follow it by properly implementing all the Do’s and Don’ts, then no one can stop you to reach your goal. And please be patient and stay stress-free as every good thing takes time. Good Luck!


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