Ladies for Sale

A display within a San Francisco shopping mall exhibited several young women of all ages with price tags attached to their bodies. The displays, part of a advertising campaign by the Operating Group Against Human Trafficking, sought to focus on the issue of our trafficking and to raise awareness of the issue. The advertising featured the women’s ages, weight, height, and other measurements. They also included their countries of labor and birth and sexuality. In the process, the women’s memories and the operate of the writers and singers were taken to light.

An installation called “Women for Sale” was created by Task Power on Human Trafficking in Sweden, as part of a campaign for making consumption of sexual products and services a criminal offense. The installation was an interactive unit installation, which shown real ladies and their rates with all the details they could provide: elevation, weight, and measurements. The goal was to raise awareness of this practice and also to collect enough signatures to pressure the ministry to take action.

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The women displayed in the unit installation were available in the store’s window with price tags and details of the height, excess weight, and other measurements. The prices in the women were published next to their photos, and the price tags included their nation of beginning. The set up aimed to increase awareness about the problem of human trafficking and to accumulate enough autographs to make that a crime. In Israel, this has been profitable in reducing the demand with respect to prostitutes.

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