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what agencies need to know about commerce as a service caas - What Agencies Need to Know About Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS)

What Agencies Need to Know About Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS)

What Agencies Need to Know About Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) permits your consumers to keep away from having to make a choice from their wealthy content material and a powerful ecommerce platform.

This permits extra flexibility in content material control and supply, person ride, and search engine optimization.

In specific, CaaS:

  • Gives you the liberty to paintings with consumers on what you do very best: development tough ecommerce answers.
  • Allows your consumers to select between the highest content material platforms to be had with out sacrificing ecommerce efficiency.
  • Provides the versatility, velocity, and intuitive design to energy shocking on-line stories.

Let’s dive into how ecommerce businesses, specifically, can use a CaaS fashion to develop their very own company and their purchasers’ revenues.

Blazing New Paths to Purchase

Content issues.

Brands are ditching catalog-style web pages in choose of experience-rich websites.

They are cobbling a couple of paths to acquire.

Where you as soon as constructed a web page that labored on a desktop, now shoppers purchase on their telephones, they purchase from social posts, or they could seek advice from a showroom and construct their product at a kiosk.

But maximum trade platforms haven’t stuck up.

The trade engine drives the website and content material is secondary.

At GiantCommerce, we’re doing issues another way.

We are making an investment in Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) — an manner that encompasses the decoupled, headless and microservices revolution.

CaaS opens up a worldwide of chances for traders, in addition to GiantCommerce companions.

For our companions, this implies get admission to to state of the art trade.

An ideal instance of that is our free up of GiantCommerce for WordPress.

This integration permits businesses to construct content-first websites whilst nonetheless having a formidable trade engine at the back-end.

Let’s discover how this CaaS dedication allow you to pressure extra earnings.

Monoliths, WordPress, and The Rise of Content

As businesses, that monolithic, full-stack programs have been the best choice when ecommerce first arrived.

It was once that or construct the shop your self.

But monolithic choices provide demanding situations; they’re constructed for trade, now not content material.

Their code bases are generally now not open and integrating with leading edge apps will also be tricky, if now not downright inconceivable.

They don’t adapt simply to new tactics of shopping for merchandise.

What about for manufacturers, shops, and organizations that position a top class on content material?

You’ve traditionally had two alternatives:

  1. Pick a platform related along with your content material supplier.
  2. Or pay for a clunky integration that recurrently has synchronization problems.

This turns out backward.

After all, 30% of the sector’s companies create their websites on WordPress.

The content material platform scales splendidly, which is likely one of the causes such a lot of Fortune 1000 corporations use it as both their number one or secondary content material control machine.

But the only ecommerce platform maximum carefully built-in into WordPress does now not scale.

The CaaS manner solves the scalability factor via providing a fully-decoupled trade platform that aligns with the content material control or virtual ride platform of your buyer’s selection.

CaaS makes use of APIs to permit customization of each and every pixel so you’ve what you wish to have to construct the easiest shop.

With fewer integration demanding situations, you’ll center of attention on growing a greater buyer ride.

The Beginnings of Commerce-as-a-Service and GiantCommerce

GiantCommerce dedicated to CaaS in 2016 once we opened our SaaS buying groceries cart and checkout by the use of APIs to permit undertaking traders to combine a customized entrance finish.

The first corporate to test it out is likely one of the global’s greatest commercial manufacturers.

They constructed a web page with interactive, 3-D modeling appearing educate fashions over the many years.

Customers may just visually drill into the fashions to in finding portions and subparts.

GiantCommerce powered the cart, checkout, and trade capability.

The synchronization problems with linking the content material to the trade disappeared.

More content-rich undertaking tasks adopted and sooner than lengthy, there was once a necessity for highly-scalable trade platforms that play smartly with WordPress, different content material control programs, and quite a few best-in-breed trade answers.

Content Outside-the-Box

Commerce-as-a-Service helps leading edge trade.

With CaaS, GiantCommerce traders and companions can combine trade into puts like by no means sooner than.

From embedding API and checkout capability into movies, or development an iPad kiosk app that permits consumers to browse the website in-store, companies are the usage of CaaS to achieve consumers in solely new tactics.

GiantCommerce permits you and your purchasers to prolong the platform so far as you wish to have to via opening as many endpoints as conceivable.

It provides your purchasers choices past the static catalog-style template to galvanize extra consumers.

With CaaS, you’ll:

  • Update the entrance finish with out touching the trade infrastructure within the again finish. Marketers are free of requiring developer lend a hand when a transformation is wanted to the web page’s entrance finish.
  • Maintain website velocity when trying out and converting components. A/B and multivariate trying out can now and again decelerate a website’s efficiency. Decoupling prevents this drawback.
  • Empower your purchasers to put money into precisely what they want. Monolithic stacks regularly come with device your consumers don’t want or need, compromising price range for best-in-breed choices.
  • Offer your builders an open supply platform. You can allocate extra price range for the ingenious facet as you received’t want to rate for pricey integrations and workarounds.
  • Move briefly. When you don’t have to port content material or create customized integrations, the time it takes to transfer the buyer onto a extra tough trade platform shrinks dramatically.
  • Provide enhance. The GiantCommerce plugin for WordPress is constructed in order that it doesn’t pressure different plugins to be re-engineered, and we provide enhance to your construction groups and consumers.

Which Types of Customers Benefit the Most?

The CaaS manner is an choice for purchasers which can be the usage of or exploring extra content-driven strategies of marketing merchandise (similar to via weblog posts, social, and movies).

It works smartly for purchasers with a portfolio of web pages, and the ones promoting the world over.

Online corporations the usage of WordPress are making the transfer.

When a B2B/B2C administrative center provide uniqueness corporate with a couple of websites was once experiencing scalability problems below their previous trade supplier, they became to GiantCommerce to stay their WordPress construction intact.

A uniqueness carrying items corporate in need of to promote its highly-customized product direct to shoppers wanted to release a couple of international websites.

They knew they sought after WordPress for the CMS, iPad Kiosks in-store, and versatility between the 2 programs. GiantCommerce’s CaaS capability lead the way.

The GiantCommerce Commitment

GiantCommerce is dedicated to powering an open supply platform with highly-scalable APIs — now not attempting to recreate the spectacular prowess of content material control programs.

That’s what makes combining a world-class trade resolution with WordPress a big merit for on-line dealers.

GiantCommerce provides trade in some way that unlocks your company and consumer’s creativity.

You have the content material. We’ll convey the trade.

Become a GiantCommerce Partner

Find out how CaaS can lend a hand your purchasers as of late.


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